Best trading experience
for companies
and investors
in IDO and IEO


International platform founded by entrepreneur Alex Richter.

It was created to list tokens of various cryptocurrency projects in the Initial Dex Offering and Initial Exchange Offering format.
Alex Richter
Platform video
With the help of Alpin, companies can participate in IDOs and IEOs by listing tokens on our platform, and investors can purchase them in private and public rounds, earning from the growth in the price of purchased tokens.
Alpin's benefits
for investors:
Participate in private rounds
Offers with the lowest prices, not available to the general public.
Participate in public rounds
Sustainable products with known listing dates and minimal risk.
Multi-level referral program based on a linear marketing plan
Additional rewards from the sale of tokens listed on the platform in your affiliate structure.
Custom infrastructure for listing tokens of registered cryptocurrency projects
Projects are listed on our own Alcor Exchange.

How to use Alpin

We have created a stylish and user-friendly Alcor LaunchPad interface that will suit both companies and investors of any experience (from beginner to expert).
You just need to follow a few simple steps to start making money with Alpin.
Step №1
Sign up on the Alpin platform and complete the KYC procedure
Step №2
Purchase the required number of Alpin tokens to participate in IDO and IEO
Step №3
Participate in private and public rounds: buy tokens of listed cryptocurrency projects and then sell them, earning from the rate growth

Referral program

This section is currently under construction


What is IDO?
Initial Dex Offering is a fundraising approach in which a crowdsale is carried out through a decentralized exchange, using liquidity pools, where traders can easily and quickly buy new tokens.
What is a crowdsale?
A crowdsale is a token pre-sale, the purpose of which is to attract initial investment.
What is IEO?
Initial Exchange Offering is a type of crypto-crowdsale in which all responsibility for providing the infrastructure for issuing, selling and most of the marketing falls on a centralized crypto exchange.
Who is Alex Richter?
Alex Richter is a successful business mentor and founder of many projects and companies. For example, Antares, Alcor, Alpin and so on. Learn more about Alex Richter at the following link:
What is Alcor?
Alcor Trade is a fast-growing international platform that allows people and companies to earn money through affiliate programs. You can visit its official website at the following link: